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Describe your perfect FT Weekend and it could become a reality. Whether it’s dinner with a literary hero or a group trek through the Himalayas, we’re giving you the chance to experience a whole new world with FT Weekend.

Submit your entry in 100 words or less and gather votes through social media. Our FT judging panel will select their top ten. One winner will be chosen to create their perfect weekend up to the value of £5,000 (or local equivalent).

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My perfect FT Weekend would be...

Travelling to Norway with my husband to watch the sea eagles hunt on the Lofoten Islands and then to eat a fresh seafood supper in Svolvaer

A dark jagged shape appears in the sky tempted down by the herring that seagulls are being hand fed from a fishing boat. It is a sea eagle. Watch as it dives to recover the fish that the seagulls have dropped largely in fear at the approach of this giant predator. The backdrop to this activity is the Lofoten Islands in Norway’s Arctic Circle: mountain upon mountain as far as the eye can see - rolling on and beyond. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, it is surprisingly warm for a summer’s day and the sky is a shimmering blue with pale pink wisps of cloud. By evening it can be cooler with a breath of an Arctic chill, but still perfect to enjoy a fresh seafood supper and a few beers at one of the harbour front restaurants in Svolvaer.