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Describe your perfect FT Weekend and it could become a reality. Whether it’s dinner with a literary hero or a group trek through the Himalayas, we’re giving you the chance to experience a whole new world with FT Weekend.

Submit your entry in 100 words or less and gather votes through social media. Our FT judging panel will select their top ten. One winner will be chosen to create their perfect weekend up to the value of £5,000 (or local equivalent).

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My perfect FT Weekend would be...

A Caravaggio tour around Rome, the Eternal City, with a nice tour guide telling all the stories of that Master of Painting.

Caravaggio is one of the biggest Masters of Painting of all times! Many of his work is around Rome, in churches and galleries. It must be fascinating to see all that! It's the perfect weekend for anyone passionate about art. The picture is "Boy Bitten by a Lizard" by Caravaggio, at the National Gallery, London.